untitled-3.pngHi, I’m Cassie Thornton. I’m an artist, an activist, and until now I have been a secret yogi. I have begun this project, of teaching kundalini yoga while talking about the most liberating ideas I know —feminist economics— as a way to reach more people, to talk about and work on our relationship to money, debt, race, gender and class. I do this because I feel that our attachments and injuries, due to capitalism and white supremacy, are holding us up at the door to a future that doesn’t have to be this shitty.

You don’t know what capitalism means? That’s fine. If you are reading this, then you have survived long enough to learn how to use a computer, and thus you are an expert at understanding capitalism even if you don’t know the word. I use the term ‘feminist economics’ to describe a potential future outside of the economic and social values we live with now, which are tearing us apart.

This yoga style, and the events and classes I teach are aimed at helping people out of the stuck place that many of us are in, and I believe we need to do this socially, collectively, and never alone. My job is to help you to uncover your real imagination that has been covered up by your daily practice of survival in a predatory economy, culture and government. I am not a healer, I am just really angry. I live knowing that my liberation is tied up with everybody who is suffering right now, which is everyone with half a brain, heart, etc. I don’t have answers to our crisis, but I do have a process to invite you into.

:*~#^*{You are not a financial instrument}*^#~*:


feminist economics

In short, feminist economics centres feminized practices and values like care, health and reproduction. It works towards a future economy and political social system based on these values. Feminist economics is not just aimed at people who identify as women: it is for all people who are suffering in the current economic system (whether they are poor or rich). This class is informed by Cassie’s work over the past decade counseling and organizing people with financial trauma, massive indebtedness, and economic hardship towards their personal and collective liberation.

The combination of feminist economics with kundalini yoga aims to address the ways that economic issues impact on the body, the mind, and the heart of individuals, and the way this harm extends to our whole social world. With each class we aim to recognize that our ‘personal’ experiences of financial scarcity, indebtedness, unemployment or underemployment, housing insecurity, and our general stress and anxiety, are products of a the failed political and economic system we live under. We are not failed people, and we can heal and transform this system together.


kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a challenging but accessible practice that focuses on coordinated breath and movement. It is designed to heal the nervous system, spine and brain – all areas that are affected by the brutal experience of capitalism and our efforts to survive it.


schedule winter 2017


Now taking commissions! 

Tell me some war stories, babies! I am developing a series of yoga videos and one of them could be for you! I am looking to be commissioned to solve problems for people or groups who feel like they are hitting some sort of wall: what is keeping you from doing the amazing thing you are on the planet to do? If you can explain the wall to me, in writing, I would like to attempt to fix it by designing a yoga set for you. First, email me a 250 word description about the wall you are hitting in your life. If it sounds like something we can fix with a daily yoga practice, we will chat on the phone, and then I will make you a video. We can discuss an exchange rate (money, rocks, love, trades) after we get started.

Weekly class in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada) is now finished.

This past Fall, Cassie led a series of 11 free yoga classes on Tuesdays at noon at RiVAL in Thunder Bay.

Fall 2017 Special Workshops
In October 2017, Cassie led an abolitionist yoga workshop in Minneapolis, MN as a part of Abolish Border Imperialism! – A Convergence for Abolition and Decolonization. Here’s the description:
The goal of this yoga workshop is to develop a network of individuals who are stable and healthy enough to be a part of the cross border feminist militia that destroys the wall that imperialism wants to construct around and between us. We will not align our chakras for individual gain, nor for self help, and we won’t promote self care. This yoga class works through the body to develop a sense of furious interconnectedness and militant mutual responsibility. The Feminist Economics Yoga workshop, which has occurred in yoga studios, for community groups, and in art galleries, leads angry and impatient participants to feel and practice mutual aid and abolitionism as a healing practice. It seeks to smuggle radical abolitionist activism into the bourgeois miasma of corporate yoga bullshit. We will use yoga to train ourselves to become the living infrastructure of post-work care and to develop the social justice skills we need to construct a future feminist economy that honors people over capital. Developed by Cassie Thornton, an artist, feminist economist and certified Kundalini yoga teacher, this practice is something you can take home to help you calm and/or inflame your nervous system so you can hear your own voice over the screaming orange circus peanut and his minions. You can share what you learn with your communities who need legitimate ways of healing from the systemic realities that impact every single social and individual body. It’s hard.