untitled-3.pngHi, I’m Cassie Thornton. I’m an artist, an activist, and until now I have been a secret yogi. I have begun this project, of teaching kundalini yoga while talking about the most liberating ideas I know —feminist economics— as a way to reach more people, to talk about and work on our relationship to money, debt, race, gender and class. I do this because I feel that our attachments and injuries, due to capitalism and white supremacy, are holding us up at the door to a future that doesn’t have to be this shitty.

You don’t know what capitalism means? That’s fine. If you are reading this, then you have survived long enough to learn how to use a computer, and thus you are an expert at understanding capitalism even if you don’t know the word. I use the term ‘feminist economics’ to describe a potential future outside of the economic and social values we live with now, which are tearing us apart.

This yoga style, and the events and classes I teach are aimed at helping people out of the stuck place that many of us are in, and I believe we need to do this socially, collectively, and never alone. My job is to help you to uncover your real imagination that has been covered up by your daily practice of survival in a predatory economy, culture and government. I am not a healer, I am just really angry. I live knowing that my liberation is tied up with everybody who is suffering right now, which is everyone with half a brain, heart, etc. I don’t have answers to our crisis, but I do have a process to invite you into.

:*~#^*{You are not a financial instrument}*^#~*:



feminist economics

In short, feminist economics centres feminized practices and values like care, health and reproduction. It works towards a future economy and political social system based on these values. Feminist economics is not just aimed at people who identify as women: it is for all people who are suffering in the current economic system (whether they are poor or rich). This class is informed by Cassie’s work over the past decade counseling and organizing people with financial trauma, massive indebtedness, and economic hardship towards their personal and collective liberation.

The combination of feminist economics with kundalini yoga aims to address the ways that economic issues impact on the body, the mind, and the heart of individuals, and the way this harm extends to our whole social world. With each class we aim to recognize that our ‘personal’ experiences of financial scarcity, indebtedness, unemployment or underemployment, housing insecurity, and our general stress and anxiety, are products of a the failed political and economic system we live under. We are not failed people, and we can heal and transform this system together.


kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a challenging but accessible practice that focuses on coordinated breath and movement. It is designed to heal the nervous system, spine and brain – all areas that are affected by the brutal experience of capitalism and our efforts to survive it.


Feminist Economics Yoga Video Tutorials

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Do you hate yoga?

Do you hate the commercialization of yoga? Do you hate how it ‘flexes’ your politics until they go limp?

Do you hate yourself for doing it anyway?

Capitalism has ruined everything. Let’s ruin it together.

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Feminist Economics Yoga is my long term project, where I combine feminist economics and kundalini yoga to support people as they heal their social and economic wounds and become strong enough to imagine a future that isn’t so hard to survive in. The aim of this combination of political ideas with physical practice is to use an ancient social technology (yoga) to uproot the internalized collective values associated with capitalism, which may have entered us deeper than just our wallets. This project began as a set of workshops and performances and through overwhelming popularity it has evolved into a series of 3 yoga tutorial videos. I seek your support because I want to make a second series of yoga videos at a professional quality level so they can reach more people who are suffering at home, alone, feeling like economic failures.


The way the economy works makes it very hard for most people to get the basic necessities we need to stay alive– like housing and healthcare. To get these things, we have to become competitive money making bots, and we don’t have time to attend to the things that really matter to us– like caring for community members, mending the environment or enjoying being alive on a planet. This contradiction makes some of us anxious, some depressed, and leads to addiction and social unrest. How do we get out of the cycle that reproduces this situation, and these sicknesses? We need new ways to care for ourselves and each other so we can begin to work together, to build communities that prioritize everyone’s health and life above individual profit and selfies. To begin, we need safe places and practices that will bring us towards health and new ideas about our society. This is why I am developing this practice and why I want to share it with as many people as possible.


Starting as a set of workshops and performances, this practice is now available as a series of 3 yoga tutorial videos, that help yogis to unplug their nervous systems from the global economy (available on the rewards page for a donation!). Each video is under 60 minutes, and includes kundalini yoga exercises paired with storytelling and visualizations that inform and invite you to feel your connection to society, and all the responsibility, power and creativity that creates. In the first video of series one, I invite you to tone down your use of social media and smartphones so that you can be more connected to the people and environment around you. In the second, I ask you to confront your your self perception and how that connects you to your desires for governmental structure. In the third, you are invited to imagine what is beyond this moment where the market makes most of our decisions based on money instead of on the production of our health or life. Using my own funding with some help from my friends, these videos were produced with the expertise of Zen Cohen Studios, finishing editor and Max Haiven, camera.