feminist economics

In short, feminist economics centres feminized practices and values like care, health and reproduction. It works towards a future economy and political social system based on these values. Feminist economics is not just aimed at people who identify as women: it is for all people who are suffering in the current economic system (whether they are poor or rich). This class is informed by Cassie’s work over the past decade counseling and organizing people with financial trauma, massive indebtedness, and economic hardship towards their personal and collective liberation.

The combination of feminist economics with kundalini yoga aims to address the ways that economic issues impact on the body, the mind, and the heart of individuals, and the way this harm extends to our whole social world. With each class we aim to recognize that our ‘personal’ experiences of financial scarcity, indebtedness, unemployment or underemployment, housing insecurity, and our general stress and anxiety, are products of a the failed political and economic system we live under. We are not failed people, and we can heal and transform this system together.