project history and speculative future

Feminist Economics Yoga began in the back of a chocolate shop in Berlin in December 2016. Since then, it has traveled to many different communities and cities in the US, Europe, and Canada. The project continues to change with every workshop or class. Each scenario has been very particular, and the content is designed to meet the participants where they are. Recently, we have begun to launch a series of videos. To stay up to date, join our facebook page:

Here is the trailer:

Feminist Economics Yoga Short Trailer from RiVAL on Vimeo.

The goal of this project is not to keep it precious, but to spread it like slime of the future, to all the wounded North American people it can reach. Cassie wants to come teach in your commercial yoga studios to people who don’t know they want feminist futures and human economics. AND I love leading radical people who do know that they need to work on their nervous systems in order get the power to make big social and political change. I dream of helping other people to teach radical yoga, to intervene in the unconscious, capitalist and white supremacist spell that we are under. This project is about bringing us closer to the unimagined future while we work with the ghosts of our past. To do so we forget the discipline of time altogether. This practice is about efficient inefficiency, embodied irrationality, and unearthing the collective genius that knows better than how we live right now.

Future Workshops:

Abolitionist Yoga for the Abolitionist Conference 

The goal of this yoga workshop is to develop a network of individuals who are stable and healthy enough to be a part of the cross border feminist militia that destroys the wall that imperialism wants to construct around and between us. We will not align our chakras for individual gain, nor for self help, and we won’t promote self care. This yoga class works through the body to develop a sense of furious interconnectedness and militant mutual responsibility. The Feminist Economics Yoga workshop, which has occurred in yoga studios, for community groups, and in art galleries, leads angry and impatient participants to feel and practice mutual aid and abolitionism as a healing practice. It seeks to smuggle radical abolitionist activism into the bourgeois miasma of corporate yoga bullshit. We will use yoga to train ourselves to become the living infrastructure of post-work care and to develop the social justice skills we need to construct a future feminist economy that honors people over capital. Developed by Cassie Thornton, an artist, feminist economist and certified Kundalini yoga teacher, this practice is something you can take home to help you calm and/or inflame your nervous system so you can hear your own voice over the screaming orange circus peanut and his minions. You can share what you learn with your communities who need legitimate ways of healing from the systemic realities that impact every single social and individual body. It’s hard.

The workshop takes place over 90 minutes, and requires that the participants stay for the entirety. No mats required, but each person needs something soft to sit on the ground with. All bodies, experience levels, and skeptics are welcome.

Past workshops:
-5/2017 Project Row Houses: Young Mothers’ Program; for radical African American women and mothers developing their careers in Houston, TX.
-5/2017 Montrose Center; for the LGBT and arts community in Houston, TX.
-5/2017 Angela House; for recently incarcerated women living in solidarity together in Houston, TX.
-5/2017 EFA Project Space Gallery; as a part of an exhibition called Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time in NYC, curated by Taraneh Fazeli.
-2/2017 Supermarkt; as a feminist form of an economic seminar in Berlin, Germany.
-12/2016 Casa Cacao; as an intervention into a yoga studio in Berlin, Germany.